Terms of Service

Version of 14 August 2020


  • With your permission, we import your contacts to the app, but we do NOT send it to our servers. This address data as well as the assignment of the contacts to Yes/No… remain on your smartphone and can be deleted at any time.
  • We only receive the statistical analysis of your activities (e.g. number of contacts read, contacts with a „Yes“ rating, number of SMS sent, …).
  • We receive the poster locations and states transmitted to our server.
  • The reference code sent to you by another user allows him to see if you have logged in. In the same way you will be able to see who has logged in with your reference code.
  • You can delete your profile on our server at any time.

Full Version

The smartphone app „kommit“ (the „App“) is an offer by netmex digital gmbh („Provider“) on behalf of organizations that have joined together for the purpose of political coordination („Client“). By registering as a user of the app („User“) and by using the app, the user confirms that he/she has read and understood the following binding terms of use and expressly agrees to them.


The app is made available to the user free of charge for use. An Internet connection is required for some functions of the app, such as user registration. For such an Internet connection, costs may be incurred by the Internet access provider used.

The full use of the app requires registration as a user with a reference code. Such reference codes can be assigned by other users of the App, the provider and the client. The user can assign his own reference codes after registration.

Use of the App requires access to the user’s contacts („Contacts“), for example in his smartphone address book or in social networks. Access to such contacts is only granted with the consent of the User and enables the User to make a political assessment of his contacts on his smartphone.

There is no claim to the use of the App. The provider can at any time and without giving a reason discontinue his offer of the App or exclude the user from using the App. The provider can change the app at any time without giving a reason.

Data Protection

The app is subject to Swiss data protection law. Data in connection with the App is generally stored exclusively on the user’s smartphone („Smartphone“) and used exclusively for the App’s offer and the operation of the corresponding technical infrastructure. Data of contacts such as their address details and their political views by the user are stored exclusively on the smartphone.

The user collects points with his individual activities in the App, which result in a total score. The score for individual activities and the total score are disclosed in the app. The provider can use the total score to create ranking lists including user data such as first name and surname for the attention of the client. If such rankings are published, the user will only be listed by name after personal consent.

Data whose storage is not exclusively on the smartphone will be transferred exclusively to and stored on the provider’s server in Switzerland („server“). The following user data will be transmitted to and stored on servers when the app is used: User ID (UID), first name and last name, e-mail address, mobile number, reference codes, total score with time stamp, information on political activities using the App such as the location of posters. Other user data such as, in particular, the user’s political assessment of contacts, the content of messages to contacts, log files on activities in the app and user location data are not transmitted to servers. The user’s first name, surname and UID can be transferred to the user whose reference code was used when registering as a user.

User’s data transferred to servers will be deleted no later than 36 months after the last use of the app that was associated with the transfer of data to servers. The Provider is entitled at any time to delete any data in connection with the App – also by means of remote deletion in the App on the smartphone.


Subject to mandatory legal provisions, the provider assumes no liability whatsoever for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the app or in connection with the app. In the event of violations of these terms of use and corresponding claims by third parties, the user expressly indemnifies the provider and the client from any liability.

Legal information

The provider can change these terms of use at any time. Such changes will be presented to the user in an appropriate manner. The user can stop using the app at any time by deleting it. By continuing to use the App after changes to the Terms of Use come into effect, the User agrees to such changes.

The use of the App is exclusively subject to Swiss law. Place of jurisdiction is Aarau AG.